New Happtivist podcast episode: Passion

Pleasure, purpose and pride. These are the three Ps for happiness. But we believe there is one missing…passion.

Tune in to our latest Happtivist podcast episode where Dr. Narelle Lemon discusses ‘passion’ with special guest Kristy Horne and the role it can play in your life. Listen here:

Discovering your passion and having the courage to pursue it can influence how successful you are in your career and personal life. Has anyone had a sliding doors moment where they were required to choose one of two options? Narelle and Kristy delve into this concept a little deeper in our latest podcast episode brought to you by Action for Happiness Australia.

Researcher Robert Ballard defines passion as “a strong inclination toward a self-defining activity that one likes, or even loves, finds important and in which one invests time and energy on a regular basis.” He states that passion can contribute to optimal well-being and engagement with your surroundings, relationships and career.

In this episode, we also explore what happens when you surround yourself with optimistic people that share the same passion.

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