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This podcast has been created to support ideas, to inspire, and provide opportunity to hear different perspectives - to help you take care of yourself.

Welcome to the Happtivist Podcast 

Using the science of wellbeing in a way that listeners can connect with, this podcast aims to inspire action for compassionate and connected society. 

I am Linda Rowley, and I am specialist in workplace wellbeing, holding qualifications in applied positive psychology, business wellbeing and the neuroscience of leadership. I am also a Master Accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trainer. I have three decades of experience working with individuals & organisations in the not-for-profit, private and government sectors.


Dr Narelle Lemon is my co-host, and the former chair of Action for Happiness Australia. She is an educator, coach and researcher and is extremely passionate about individual self-care. 

Together, we provide ideas and insights to help you make direct connections to things that happen in your everyday life. We want to empower you with your wellbeing, so that you can take individual and collective action towards happiness. 


Join us on our 9-episode journey to achieving a happier life - which is aligned with the Action for Happiness UK's - "Keys to Happier Living."   

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Ep1 - Emotions, Happtivist Podcast
00:00 / 24:19

Episode 01


Our first episode focuses on emotions, and taking a positive approach.


Research has found that all emotions are helpful, but experiencing positive emotions, even briefly, can result in greater creativity, attention, trust connection and resilience. We discuss this in detail throughout the podcast. 

Episode 02


In this podcast episode we discuss self-compassion. Or as we like to explain it - how to treat yourself just as you would a friend.

Compared with how we treat ourselves, we are so much nicer to friends in times of need, hurt, suffering, pain or distress. We discuss some of the science behind why we do this, and connect you with a number of ideas and strategies to help you treat yourself as you treat others - with kindness, care and love.

Ep2 - Self-Compassion, Happtivist Podcast
00:00 / 50:06
Safe Travel
Ep3 - Coming out of Lockdown, Happtivist Podcast
00:00 / 33:59

Episode 03

Coming out of Lockdown

The Dalai Lama famously said, “Happiness is not something readymade – it comes from your own actions." 


In this episode, we discuss coming out of Covid lockdown and doing things in new ways. It has been proven that individuals who have a growth mindset, have the skills to identify and accept their strengths and weaknesses, and persevere in the face of challenges - ultimately overcoming setbacks to achieve their goals. Listen as we discuss how you can apply the growth mindset to your everyday life.

Episode 04

Passion with Kristi Horne

Pleasure, purpose and pride. These are the three Ps for happiness. But we believe there is one missing…passion.


Tune in to our latest Happtivist podcast episode where Dr. Narelle Lemon discusses ‘passion’ with special guest Kristy Horne and the role it can play in your life. Discovering your passion and having the courage to pursue it can influence how successful you are in your career and personal life. 

Passion Led Us Here
Ep4 - Passion with Kristi, Happtivist Podcast
00:00 / 35:41
Yoga Class
Ep5 - Strength Spotting, Happtivist Podcast
00:00 / 25:20

Episode 05

Strength Spotting

Strengths spotting during times of change - what does this mean exactly? In this episode we look at various situations, strategies, and provide helpful tips to help you put your strengths into action.


When we think about our strengths as superpowers - we perform at our best. They energise us, we love using them, and we are at our best when we use them. Join us to learn how.

Episode 06

Happily Sensitive 

Becky Black is a a PhD candidate in the Centre for Wellbeing Science at the Melbourne Graduate School for Education. In this episode Linda talks with our special guest Becky about her research that is focused specifically on achieving high levels of wellbeing, and the personality trait of sensory processing sensitivity - which is characterised by heightened awareness and sensitivity to the environment. We unpack the science and talk about how we can take action to support ourselves and others.

Green Forest
Ep6 - Happilly Sensitive, Happtivist Podcast
00:00 / 38:37
Holding Hands
Ep7 - Kindness, Happtivist Podcast
00:00 / 20:34

Episode 07


In this episode we will be talking about kindness. Kindness is not an emotion or feeling – it’s mostly a behaviour or action.


We share lots of insights into what kindness can look like in our every day lives. There are so many benefits to intentional and random acts of kindness - both for the person giving kindness and the person receiving it, and also for anyone witnessing the act. No matter which end of it you are on, you can't help but benefit.

Episode 08

What makes a good life

What is it the makes a good life? Is it happiness, having meaning and purpose or living a rich and varied life? Or all three?


Research suggests that most people would choose a happy life, over a life of meaning or psychological richness. But for most of us, our lives have elements of each. This podcast episode looks at all three theories, and together we look at some practical strategies to help you determine what may be right for you.

Happy Girl
Ep8 - What Makes a Good Life, Happtivist Podcast
00:00 / 22:04
Learning to Skate
Ep9 - Trying New Things, Happtivist Podcast
00:00 / 49:40

Episode 09

Trying new things

When we try something new we are making new connections, exploring something that intrigues us, and opening ourselves up to other possibilities. We often associate trying something new with learning. And learning helps improve and maintain our overall wellbeing. It can boost self-confidence, self-esteem and help build a sense of purpose. In our final episode we talk about trying new things, learning in unusual places, relationships, confidence, communication and connections.