Workplace Wellbeing

Creating a mentally healthy workplace culture

The key to an organisation's success are team members who are empowered, supported and content. But when was the last time you checked in with your team? 

In my experience all organisations have one or more team members who are dealing with a mental health problem or an external issue at any one time.


If you’ve recognised that the wellbeing of your teams isn’t being properly addressed and managed then it might be time to strip things back and open up a conversation.

It’s a fact that workers who feel supported by their workplace are more likely to be creative, productive, and provide better customer service. But what happens if they don’t feel like that?


Here are few signs that you need to stop and give your teams some support:


  • Team members are taking time off with stress

  • Low productivity

  • General low morale across teams

  • Lack of good decision making

  • Teams are de-motivated


I can help you turn this around.


I bring gentle guidance, non-judgemental support and a wide range of strategies to get things back on track. I’ll give you the tools to ensure your team feel listened to and work together   harmoniously.

Knowing when to intervene


I’ll work with you to create a mentally healthy workplace.


We’ll discuss where your business is right now, where you want to be and the environment you want to create for your team.


From there we’ll work out the best way to help your teams feel a greater sense of wellbeing in their work. Using an integrated model, we will focus on promoting the positive, preventing harm and supporting your teams through mental health recovery.


Using coaching, workshops and one-to-one sessions I’ll teach you how to collaborate effectively to improve, protect and promote the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone in the workplace.


We’ll also look at the physical environment your teams are working in, the organisational culture, and how community involvement can improve the health of your team members and their families.


With early intervention we can work with your team members to help them:

  • Realise their own abilities

  • Cope with the normal stresses of life

  • Work productively

  • Contribute to work, family and community

Don't delay, get started today

Early intervention is crucial to keep the mental and physical wellbeing of your teams on track. If you recognise the signs of lower productivity and a negative environment, don’t put it off any longer. Get in touch today and let’s chat about how I can work with you to increase team morale and build a strong team.


You can get in touch by emailing me at or call me on 0427 760 637.