The biggest asset to any organisation are the teams that work within it. Getting teams talking to realise their strengths.


A well-functioning team is one that works together and uses their unique strengths to increase productivity, performance and wellbeing.

Do you feel that your teams are fulfilling their true potential? Or are they pulling in different directions?


As a career and life coach, I have over a decade of experience working with teams to get the very best out of every individual working within your organisation.

I bring your teams together to talk, listen and question important issues and then work with you to leverage the unique strengths of each member to improve productivity and the performance of your organisation.


I facilitate a number of workshops and interventions to better understand each team member.


Below are some of the workshops I offer - however, I can customise to suit your requirements as needed.


This 6-hour workshop uses the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Psychometric Profiling to help individuals understand the differences in their personalities, how they perceive the world and how they prefer to act and react in certain situations.


When the MBTI is applied to your team, a whole new level of understanding opens up. Not only do you understand how and why you react to situations, you understand more about how your teammates behave.


You can read more about the MBTI by clicking here.


How does it work?

Each team member will complete the MBTI online before attending the workshop. We’ll then create a safe environment in the workshop to discover and explore your personality and that of your team mates. 

The outcome

As a result you’ll have a team that :

  • has a shared understanding of each other’s’ communication and work preferences

  • can draw on its strengths, and

  • that works cohesively to improve productivity. 

You’ll walk away with a much deeper understanding of yourself and others and clear, practical actions for working better as a team.


A strengths based approach to your workplace  draws on the unique strengths that each team member has, and leverages them to accomplish shared goals.

Did you know that people who use their strengths:

  • have more self-belief,

  • are 6 times more engaged at work,

  • increase their productivity by 7.8%?

The Strengths approach allows teams to acknowledge problems instead of being caught up in them and provides an opportunity for novel solutions to arise.

How does it work?

Each team members completes a Strengths Profile online prior to the workshop.

We’ll then schedule a 6 hour workshop with the team to discuss:

  • What the strengths approach is

  • What the profile measures and how it can be used

  • How to interpret the Strengths Profile – what does it all mean?

    • Realised strengths

    • Unrealised strengths

    • Learned behaviours

    • Weakness

  • How to focus on our strengths, not on our weakness

  • Creating a stronger team by leading and using each other’s’ strengths


I also offer coaching with Managers and Leaders to develop the strengths of their team using  strengths spotting and other interventions. You can read more about the coaching I offer under Individual Coaching.

For more information or to chat about how to develop your team's strengths.