Happtivist Podcast - Now available on our website!

Want to be empowered on your wellbeing journey to happiness?

Last year I had the pleasure of co-hosting ‘Happtivist’ – an Action for Happiness Australia podcast mini-series - with Dr Narelle Lemon.

I am excited to announce that this 9-episode podcast is now available on my website www.lindarowley.com.au/podcast.

You can listen online, or read the transcripts from each episode.

Dr Narelle Lemon and I discuss ideas and insights from everyday life, and our experiences in the wellbeing sector – with the aim to empower our listeners to take individual and collective action towards happiness.

We cover things such as emotions, self-compassion, coming out of lockdown, passion, strength spotting, being happily sensitive, kindness, what contributes to living life better and finally, trying new things to improve and maintain our overall wellbeing.

Discover each episode in full here today.

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