Do Good December: Action for Happiness Monthly Calendar

December is a great month to ‘do good’. Small acts of kindness not only help others, but they’ve been proven to make us feel better too!

December can be busy with the lead up to the holiday season, making it so easy to forget the importance of caring for others and the true meaning of Christmas. Even though Christmas may be a little different for everyone - ultimately, Christmas is the sharing of ourselves with others. Giving to others that need our help. A time for love and generosity.

The daily actions on the Action for Happiness calendar that I share each month, offer tips or suggestions for how to be kind and generous with your time – focusing on the importance of being kind to others (rather than just spending money). Some suggestions for how to use the calendar:

  • Download the calendar to your phone or computer using the Google or iCalendar file (located on the right side of the page)

  • Print the calendar as a PDF and stick on your fridge, bathroom mirror or desk.

  • Download the image and share on your social channels using the hashtag #dogooddecember

Discover and download the full calendar here, and enjoy doing good for others this month.

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