Blueprint for Mentally Healthy Workplaces.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Is your workplace mentally healthy? Most people I ask are not too sure…

What does a mentally healthy workplace look like? One definition from HeadsUp Australia identifies a mentally healthy workplace as one where there is a positive culture, where risks to mental health are minimised, employees are supported, and discrimination is not tolerated.

The Mental Health Commission has recently released The Blueprint for Mentally Healthy Workplaces. The Blueprint has been produced as part of an $11.5 million investment by the Commonwealth Government in creating a nationally consistent approach to mentally healthy workplaces in Australia – much like the physical health requirements that are mandatory in all Australian workplaces. The Blueprint “defines the core principles and focus areas for creating environments that protect, respond and promote support for mental health.”

All of us experience ups and downs throughout our working lives – it is a normal part of life. They may be difficulties at home, financial stress, the death of a loved one or a problem with a work colleague. How businesses respond to and support employees during difficult times can greatly impact the success of the organisation.

This Blueprint comes at a very critical time. When employees are heading back into the office after a challenging few years in and out of lockdowns. Where individuals have worked in isolation, managers have led teams remotely and family life has adjusted to having one or both parents’ home to help with household chores.

Healthy organisations are powered by healthy people. People make critical decisions, provide services and support to clients and interact with customers. To function at their best, people need healthy environments and practices to support them during challenging times.

Everyone has a role to play – in looking after their own mental health and in helping shape the future of mentally healthy workplaces.

Protect. Respond. Promote.

Read The Blueprint in full here.

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