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Coaching and training for organisations and individuals to improve performance, wellbeing and team productivity.

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I’m Linda Rowley. I’m based in Warragul, Gippsland but work across Australia delivering effective strategies and training to help people and workplaces be mentally healthy, realise their potential and achieve their goals. 

Perhaps you’re a manager who needs help motivating their team?

Or you’ve got an important meeting coming up that you want to absolutely nail?

Maybe you feel stuck in your career and don’t know where to turn? 

Perhaps you’ve noticed someone you care about isn’t coping with life and you want to help.

Well it’s a good thing we met. 

I have over two decades of experience supporting individuals and organisations to be mentally strong and achieve their potential, so let’s see how I can help you.  

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Ready to make the investment in you and your team?


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Looking to improve employee wellbeing and mental health, build & develop my staff, facilitate a meeting

"Linda helped me refocus my career aspirations and goals by working with me one-on-one over a number of months. I am so grateful for her help and guidance!

- Elana, Backstory Co

I work with people just like you all the time. People who are at a crossroads with their career, or who are looking to transform parts of their life. 

I can work with you on a one-on-one basis and offer the following services: 

  • Life Coaching help you tackle life with less stress and more happiness.

  • Career Coaching to focus your goals and achieve your dreams (whatever your age!).

  • Individual Profiling to build self-awareness and confidence, including tailored Strengths Profile, Myers Briggs Type Indicator or PRISM Brain Mapping profile. 

  • Workshops for career enhancement, confidence and life happiness.

  • Mental Health First Aid Courses to learn the skills to identify the signs and support someone you care about who is struggling with mental health.

  • Stress Mastery Course to help regulate emotions and manage stress. 

Consulting and career coaching for public, not-for-profit and private organisations.

I’ve worked closely with organisations in the health, disability, aged care and mental health sectors since the early 1990’s. 

I work with organisations to offer a tailored approach to challenges and requirements including: 

  • Strategies to enhance the wellbeing, performance and productivity of staff.

  • Coaching tailored specifically to your team's needs. 

  • Profiling for your employees including Strengths Profile, MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Test, Myers Briggs Type Indicator - and how to use these to your advantage. 

  • Workshops to strengthen and develop your teams.

  • Meeting facilitation. 

  • Workplace wellbeing interventions. 

  • Mental Health First Aid courses. 

  • Strategies for organisational culture and change. 

What you can expect from me

Tailored coaching

I never deliver the same course twice. I bring fresh ideas to match the needs of you and your organisation and deliver them in a way that’s easy-to-understand and implement.

(no cookie-cutter courses)

In-depth knowledge

I bring an extensive knowledge of coaching, learned from thousands of hours training and a deep love of learning. While other coaches provide surface level support I dig deep to build relationships and trust.

Industry insight

Before coaching I worked for years in the disability, community health and mental health sector. That means I have a unique insight into these organisations and a passion for helping teams that work with vulnerable people.

A chat about the elephant

I’m not afraid to ask the difficult questions, raise the prickly issue or share a story to show that it’s OK to be vulnerable. I’ll help get that elephant out of the room!

Life experience and wisdom

Life has thrown me some curve balls, which has made me grow as a person and as a coach. It’s made me even more passionate about seeing you thrive in your personal life and career. 


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