Stress Mastery Program

Do you want to feel more in control of your stress?

Everyone loves the driver's seat

It’s nice to be in control but sometimes you just have to make the most of the scenery. We don’t get to choose the economic climate in which we operate in 2020, but we do get to choose how we deal with it. How we navigate this new world, including the financial, cultural, professional and social impacts, will determine how healthy our organisations are when we come out the other side.

I have partnered with NeuroCapability to offer a special six-week program for anyone who would like the tools to manage stress right now and into the future - based on the latest strategies in neuroscience.


Learn how to:

  • Reduce the impact of negative emotions

  • Manage emotions and self-regulate

  • Improve focus and be mindful

You will also understand why your brain drives all behaviour and why this matters. And importantly, you’ll learn why threat is bad for performance and wellbeing.

The program is delivered over six weeks, with a blend of online tutorials covering six BIG IDEAS to watch at your leisure and a 1 hour small group discussion each week about the content to give you the opportunity to completely absorb your new found knowledge.

This course will be a great way to learn new life skills and also connect with other group members along the way – as remember, we’re all in this together!

Career and Life Coach

Are you ready to go from frazzled to stress mastery?

If you’d like to enhance your productivity and performance, get in touch with me today to book in. Just email me at, or call 0427 760 637.