Career Coaching for Organisations

Consulting and Career Coaching in Gippsland and across Australia

I’ve worked with managers and teams in Gippsland and Australia in the private, not-for-profit, public health and Government industries for over a decade. 

I advise on, and deliver, tailored strategies to improve performance, wellbeing and team productivity.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing workplaces getting the most out of their people, and it isn’t difficult to achieve. Sometimes all you need is an extra set of eyes and ears to walk through your strengths, road blocks and niggles. Together we find the strategies to help your workplace thrive.  


I’m here to take the burden off you and get positive results. 

The results are clear

Investing in your team leads to happy employees, a positive work environment and great business outcomes.

Here are the services I offer to help transform your workplace

Developing your team for productivity and performance

Building Wellbeing in the workplace (including a culture of wellbeing and mentally healthy workplace)

Workshops to build teams, manage change and teach effective facilitation

Mental Health First Aid


Meeting Facilitation

Individual Profiling to create better functioning teams

Working Together

It’s the organisations I work with on a regular basis that get the best outcomes.


Investing in ongoing support for your organisation and your team is one of the best ways to guarantee effective results. It means we can build trust and probe deeper into issues. It also makes the process quicker as we don’t have to start from scratch every time, so you can call me in a crisis and I’ll hit the ground running.


If you’d like to know more about working with me on an on-going basis just get in touch today.

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