Coaching for individuals

Love what you do and find your true potential.

Life’s big questions don’t disappear as we get older, if anything they become more important.

What career do I want?’

‘Am I really happy?’

‘How do I find meaning in life?’

‘How do I make a good impression?’


The answers can be life-changing.


You’ve already got the power to change your life, I’m here to show you how.

Here are the services I offer to help transform your life:

Life Coaching

Career Coaching

Whether it’s helping you progress in work or bringing more happiness to your life, tailored coaching can help get you where you want to be.

Individual Profiling

Understand more about yourself so you can get that job, smash that goal or find more happiness in life.


Get in touch for your tailored Strengths Profile, Myers Briggs Type Indicator or PRISM Brain Mapping profile.


For career enhancement, confidence and life happiness

Mental Health First Aid Courses 

These life-changing courses help you support a friend or loved one who is struggling with mental health. Learn how to handle difficult situations until professional help arrives.

Stress Mastery Course 

Being able to manage stress and self-regulate your emotions gives you a huge advantage in dealing with these difficult times.

End of life planning and support

 Making your end of life wishes known to loved ones and medical professionals can ease burden, give you peace of mind and improve your care.

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